Drive tangible results with Machine Learning

Mixing our scientific backgrounds, engineering expertise, and a generous pinch of business approach, we're able to build solutions that are usable, scalable, profitable - simply reasonable.

Instead of playing with buzzwords, we're diving deep into business problems to match it with the right tech and bring tangible results.

See what we can do for you:

Science as a service

From idea to deployment with the right technology

Drive real business value with Machine Learning.

AI algorithms depend on data to learn from patterns and make predictions. We can help you ensure that your algorithms perform well, by leveraging data science and hands-on engineering approach. 

Our engineers can help you verify your machine learning idea, select the right data, perform data analysis & preprocessing, train models, and get them ready for deployment.

ML workshops

Validate if ML is the best way to go

When just starting with machine learning, you might not be sure if it's actually the best way to go. The truth is machine learning won't be the optimal solution to any problem out there, and if there is a better, easier way for you to achieve your goals - we'll tell you. You can check whether machine learning technology will work for you before you opt for a full-blown adoption.

During the ML workshops, we discuss your processes, requirements, pains, and help identify the right solutions to match the needs discussed. Doing so, we create space for business and scientific ideas to collide and find the most appropriate way to bring you results.

ML Audit

Verify your approach

Make sure your approach to creating a machine learning solution meets both the engineering and scientific criteria necessary to deliver a high-quality product.

Clean and maintainable code, good system architecture, practical and fast running tests, correctly stated research problems, reproducibility, and optimal computation times are mandatory for a contemporary machine learning project that will create value for your clients.

We can help you ensure that your project meets these requirements through our detailed audit procedure.

The audit will: identify issues and provide suggestions for improvement, including implementing alternative solutions if necessary.

XAI application

Explain the solution

In some cases, it's not enough for a machine learning model to produce accurate predictions; it's also essential to interpret and explain each result.  Knowing why the model made a specific result is crucial for critical infrastructure integrations, clinical trials, autonomous transportation, environmental risk calculation, and more.

Our team is proficient in explainable AI (XAI) methods and techniques. No matter if you are working with sensor data, images, or text. In any case, we will prepare your existing project to serve a prediction enhanced with the data needed to explain it.

Data exploration workshop

Explore your data

If you have a mature business and tons of data accumulated from past operations, you likely understand the value of your database or data lake. This data can be leveraged to create a machine learning dataset to help you to automate current processes or introduce new ones to add value to your business.

Our team can help you discover the untapped potential in your data. During the data exploration process, we will thoroughly investigate all your data sources, prepare a recommendation on intruding machine learning into your data processing pipelines, and implement a proof of concept (PoC) to demonstrate the potential value hidden in your resources. The goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your data and drive your business forward.

Prompt engineering and LMMs

Unleash the power of LLMs

Do you want to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities LLMs (Large Language Models) offer? We can help your organization unleash the full potential of ChatGPT and similar solutions. 

With our prompt engineering expertise, you can enhance your business processes by allowing a rich interaction between your customers and your organization. No matter if you need a chatbot, an advanced search engine, a reliable company-related information source, or a content generator.

We can fully integrate your existing IT solutions with an LLM, prepare a fine-tailored model that meets your organization's expectations, deploy models on-premise to ensure data safety, and help calculate overall usage costs.

team extension

Fill the ML skill gap

You have your in-house team but are lacking machine learning know-how? Our engineers can provide the necessary know-how and seamlessly integrate with your team.

Having experience as software engineers too, we are able to augment the work of a software development team and MLOps team, and understand the nuances of the developers' work.