The reason we're here

Meet our team and see why we brought ReasonField Lab to life

Our Mission

We aim to provide organizations with reasonable machine learning solutions that serve their purpose and bring tangible results. No guesswork, no buzzwords, no playing around. We're determined to find optimal solutions and bring them to life, be it ML or not.

Our Role

Matching data science, engineering, academic, and business skills in one interdisciplinary team, we're taking on a role of an intermediary between the many facets of ML projects. We're the translators that help business representatives, scientists, and engineers find common ground and speak a shared language.

Our Values

At ReasonField Lab, we care for the solutions we build and we make sure our Partners know we've got their backs. Our values help us in this journey.

Solutions within reason

It's crucial for us to find the best solution out there. We're considering all options and
only choosing ML when it's the right way to go.
The process starts with a workshops that helps us validate that the solution will work.


We join our Client teams as seamlessly as possible, kicking our projects off with meetings that help us align with their objectives and adjust to their good practices.


We're honest and communicative at every step of the way. We value open communication
and timely feedback and always make sure to keep our Client in the loop.


We don't want to be just a contractor to lease you a team. We work on projects that we care about, so it's not at all hard to be enthusiastic about the work we're doing. We're in this together!

A team of engineers with a scientific background

Our Machine Learning team comprises engineers who don't just code: they have experience working in Research and Development projects, contributed to academic work, authored scientific papers, won hackathons. We're passionate about machine learning and eager to make the best use of our expertise - and share our knowledge.

Maciej Adamiak
Małgorzata Orzechowska
COO & Sales Executive
Adam Kaczmarek
Adam Kaczmarek
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Kamil Rzechowski
Kamil Rzechowski
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Rafał Pytel
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Adam Wawrzyński
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
New Team Member
Maybe it's you...?;)

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